Meet Mel 

Meditation & yoga teacher Natural health coach

My passion is to teach you to meditate and heal. With over 20 years in natural health – I bring a warm and relaxed approach to my weekly meditation and yoga classes. Book health coaching session for 1-1 consultations, join my yoga classes and receive your personal mantra as you learn to meditate. I believe we all have the potential and ability to create a wonderful life and world. I am honoured and  grateful you have chosen me to be your guide and share your healing transformation. Namaste & joy Mel 

Mel Sutton
Mudlark Mandala making


Advent Meditation Challenge

From December 12, 2020

Find peace at the busiest time of year with my FREE Advent Meditation Challenge.

Each meditation will run for 12 minutes across 12 days at 5pm GMT, helping you find some calm among the Christmas chaos – and reduce stress and anxiety.

Meditation for writers

What to expect

Meditation for Writers Group

Wednesdays 10am-10.50am

Join my weekly meditation for writers group, which offers meditation techniques and creative tools to boost your imagination. Think outside the box and grow in confidence in your writing. There is time at the end to discuss, share and develop insights from your experience.

What I offer

Let me help you feel better


Stretchy and slow Hatha and dynamic Iyengar Yoga, suitable for all levels. Join me online on Friday 3pm and Tuesday 7.15 pm to improve strength, flexibility and wellbeing.

Health coaching

One-to-one holistic coaching to boost health & wellbeing. Homeopathy, nutrition, flower essences, meditation & nutrition bring balance. Examine your thinking as we heal and transform.


Blissful weekly meditation sessions and writers groups. Experience mantra, visualisation and body awareness. Learn to meditate and receive your unique mantra.

Mudlark Mandala making


Weekly Yoga classes

Every Tuesday 7.15pm  and Friday 3pm

Join my classes and release tension with stretching and relaxation, develop stamina and strength and deepen your connection to  breath and body awareness. 


Why meditate?


Release physical stress and tension and learn how to relax more


Connect to yourself and improve relationships with others


Sow new seeds of awareness to help you flourish and grow

Find space

Create more mental space so you can explore your creativity and passions

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