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Mel Sutton Natural Health

why I love what I do

A journey to healing and mindfulness

It’s been a life-long journey through natural health and healing to become a meditation and yoga teacher. I’ve been lucky enough to experience many different cultures, adventures and occupations throughout my life – but natural living is something I always return to.

I’ve worked in health for more than 20 years – and before that in food and nutrition. I baked breads and cakes at Cranks bakery in Covent Garden for many years, and then worked at a vegetarian restaurant. I’ve been vegetarian since I was knee-high.

In the 90s, I packed up my life and went travelling across The States, gaining skills in restaurants and cafes – before bringing my expertise back to the UK and becoming maître d’ for The Ivy and then for Le Caprice restaurant. It was an amazing time to work in the industry and it sparked a love of food that has never left me.

I knew there was more to health and happiness however – particularly after suffering with ill health around this time. In 2000, I began my training as a homeopath, alongside an 18-month Neal’s Yard Aromatherapy diploma, and set up a successful natural health practice in Borough Market and Covent Garden.

Later, my homeopathy took me to India, where I worked in Calcutta and fell in love with yoga and meditation. After completing my Purna Yoga teacher training programme and an 18-month Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor Certification with Chopra Global – my new path was set.

I continue to practice what I preach. I have a daily meditation and yoga routine. Some days I grow, and some days I am still learning. Above all, I love to share and help others map out their true direction.

health coaching

Bring your physical and mental health back into balance

I provide tailored health coaching using a whole-body approach, which incorporates nutrition, yoga and meditation.