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With more than 20 years in natural health, I can make you look and feel better on the inside and out. Scroll down to find out more about how health coaching will transform your life and book a consultation…

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Book a personal health coaching consultation where we look at all aspects of your health – mind, spirit, body and soul. Currently all sessions are via Zoom.

75 minutes for £75

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Health Coaching with Mel 

Holistic health coaching

Do you want to feel healthy, energetic and balanced again? And without the need for Pharma pills or medications? My health coaching sessions will transform your health back to vitality.

This long-lasting, whole-body approach boosts physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. After many years training in health and running busy practices, I bring a huge range of skills to transform your health.

I know health is a combination of mental wellbeing, physically feeling fit and a sense of knowing you are on the right path. I see life as a soul journey, unique and sacred. When we are in the flow our life flows too and appears effortless.

A session together may include homeopathy, aromatherapy, nutrition, flower essences, affirmations and vision boards, yoga exercises and meditation. And sometimes it will include them all! No one is the same and I will honour your uniqueness. Namaste & light Mel x

health coaching with Mel Sutton

Health coaching benefits

Enjoy greater energy

As you become healthier you will have greater energy to enjoy all the things you love to do in your life. I will help you to release stress and anxiety, sleep better and feel inspired and creative so that you can earn more, live longer, and truly enjoy your life

Feel positive and inspired

I Choose to use natural remedies, a system of healing that works in union with your energy and consciousness that has existed for thousands of years. This approach gently heals and raises your energy levels. You will experience greater vitality and attract your desired life. I recognise that your health is more than just physical and that health comes from a calm mind, a positive outlook and a connection to who you  are on a soul level.

Find your joy and passion

As you heal you connect to your uniqueness and expereince transformation greater joy and love for life. As you free your mind away from the endless repetative chatter that has often consumed you life changes for the better. I work with healing flowers & essences & homeopathy. We will  share meditation practices & use vision boards & affirnations to help you to evolve spirituality and creaatively to live your perfect life .


Try a yoga class…

I offer three hatha yoga flow classes each week, two of them via Zoom. These can help release tension and improve flexibility while calming the mind.