I explain the benefits and joys you will receive from a meditation practice – and the power of a personal mantra

When was the last time you examined your thoughts and asked yourself if all the mental chatter you experience is real and even true? Every time you meditate there is a shift in awareness. Between each thought is a gap which contains the potential for anything to arise. This gap is what we access when we meditate.

As the thinker of your thoughts you see that in reality you are not your thoughts. This realisation changed my life. It was a pathway and a freedom to a spiritual life that has been defined by my meditation practice. I learn and grow each day I practice meditation.

It was such an enlightening experience to realise I was no longer a prisoner to my thinking. It helped me feel free from the mental chatter and liberated as I began to get to know myself. I saw my beauty for the first time, not as a physical thing but as a heart-centred connection to my essence and uniqueness. The memory of this realisation still brings up strong emotions and is the spark to my spiritual life.

Finding contentment

Once your meditation practice begins to take root, your consciousness expands and grows to all aspects of your life. This transformation is what all spiritual seekers desire.

As you stop attaching to your thoughts, you develop an awareness of the things in your life that bring you contentment. These are often the simple things in life, such as watching a sunset or being among nature. You feel lighter and have the energy and confidence to express your true nature. You will experience a oneness with everything as your consciousness grows and expands.

What is a mantra?

I practice a daily mantra meditation which I received in a ceremony. This personal mantra was unique to me. A mantra is a vehicle to access the silence that lies beneath your thoughts and activity.

Your mantra, which you will receive from me when you learn to meditate, is the individual sound that the universe was humming at the moment you were born. This auspicious sound connects you to the essence of who you are, which is pure consciousness. It is based on the time, place and date of your birth and is worked out by using mathematics of Vedic Astrology. It will help you to go beyond thought into stillness. This auspicious sound is the tool we use to connect you to the essence of who you are, which is pure consciousness. 

Receiving your personal mantra is a doorway to who you are at your deepest being. It is a wonderful experience to receive and an occasion for celebration. You really are coming back to meet yourself at a soul level. I will bring fruit and flowers to celebrate.

I remember vividly receiving my personal mantra. There weren’t many people in the UK who were able to teach me, so I travelled to Leicester and stayed overnight. I had an introduction to meditation session and the following morning I received my mantra. It really did feel like I was trying on an old, familiar shoe. I have not always had consistency in all I do, but I have never missed a day meditating. I’ve meditated on the bus, at airports and even in a toilet when it was the only quiet place to be found!

It is my passion and joy to teach you to meditate     

Join me on my Learn to Meditate package. You will learn a lot about yourself and with regular practice, you will grow in self awareness, release stress and feel calm. You will be more creative and be at peace in your life.   

Meditation connects you on the deepest level to who you really are. You will begin to realise you are not your thoughts, but the thinker of the thought.

We learn about meditation through practice and doing.

Some of the wonderful benefits of a meditation practice include: 

  • Improved concentration and focus.
  • Improved health by reducing stress levels.
  • Increased confidence as we deepen our connection to our true self.  
  • Enhanced creativity.  
  • Stimulation of emotional intelligence.  
  • A deep sense of calm.  
  • We become less reactive and more responsive.   
  • Healing the past attachments and enabling us to live in the now.
  • Providing clarity and boosting decision-making skills.
  • And…you feel great!

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