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Meditation for writers

What to expect

Meditation for Writers weekly group

Wednesdays 5 – 5.50 pm GMT 

Everything was once imagined and everything begins with a thought. Meditation is the experience of the space between thoughts where all potential lies. Join my weekly meditation for writers group, which offers meditation and creative tools to boost your imagination and creativity, think outside the box and grow your confidence in your writing.

This is a wonderful way to find flow and let go of any stress, aniety and writers block you are experiencing. Find your writing wings and fly! There is time at the end to discuss, share and develop insights from your experience. For more info

“Pure consciousness exists in the gap between thoughts. Here is the foundation of all creativity”

Event gallery

Some of my past events…

Mudlark Mandala

September 2020

I worked with the Totally Thames Festival and Team London Bridge to bring an onine masterclass in mandala making, using found objects from the Thames shoreline.

SoundWalk September

September 2020

I worked with Walk Listen Create and The Museum of Walking to create a five-day live meditation challenge, culminating in a walking meditation practice.

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