Meet Mel 

Meditation, Yoga & health coach  

It is my passion to help you live a healthy and contented life.

Learn to  meditate, join my yoga classes or book a health coaching appointment for optimum health.

Natural remedies, a healthy diet based on conscious choices and looking at your beliefs to help release unwanted patterns will lead you to experience greater energy and optimum health. 

When your life is flowing you feel fulfilled, inspired and energised.

Blossom into your perfect be-ing with meditation, yoga and my unique health coaching skills. 

Namaste & joy Mel x  

Current projects 2021

Spaces of Contemplation - a project in collaboration with Team London Bridge to create spaces along the Low Line inviting you to find calm and stillness in the heart of Bermondsey. As we weave the past into the present through meditative enquiry. These will be guided geo-located audio pieces that you can listen to either in situ in Bermondsey or remotely. Publishing September 2021.


We are looking for organisations to collaborate with to create places of contemplation. Would you like us to create places of contemplation in your neighbourhood? Get in touch to discuss how to commission us.


Listen here or visit Gibbons Rents and St Johns Churchyard, download the audio and experience place and space as you slow your mind and find calm amongst the busy city.


November 26- 28th 8.30am and 18.30pm November 2021


Join me for a daily meditation on trees for the first Sydney Garden Tree Weekender. Learn the myth, folk lore and healing properties the wonderful trees of Sydney Gardens as we slow down and find our peace and tran.quility with Tree Meditation

On Zoom and free but booking is essential to receive the link to join

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What I offer

Let me help you feel better


Stretch and release with Hatha  suitable for all levels. Classes are booked per term and are 7 weeks. I currently have 2 spaces available on Tuesday evening 19.15pm.

Get in touch if you are interested.

Health coaching

Holistic coaching for health & vitality. Homeopathy, flower essences, energy tapping, meditation, yoga & nutrition to bring you into balance, release old patterns, heal and transform.


  Let me teach you to meditate. Receive your personal mantra for a daily practice and learn how to still your mind. I write all  visualisations and as well as commissions I run blissful weekly meditation groups.

Meditation for writers

Are you a writer looking for creative inspiration? Meditation for writers course will …

Support your writing

This meditation course is designed to help support you in your writing. We will try different meditation styles and techniques that encourages creativity and improves your skills as a writer.

Connect to your creativity

Meditation is a wonderful way to slow down. Create space from the incessant chatter and busyness, become calmer and more able to access your potential.

Improve your confidence

As you move away from attaching so much weight to your thoughts, you become an observer of your body and mind. This develops into self awareness and confidence in your unique style of writing.  You access the potential and creativity that lies between every thought.

Mudlark Mandala making


Weekly Yoga classes

Every Tuesday 7.15pm  and Friday 10am – booking is per term and classes can be joined at any time

Join my classes and release tension with stretching and relaxation, develop stamina and strength and deepen your connection to your breath and awareness to your body


Why meditate?


Release physical stress and tension and learn how to relax more


Connect to yourself and improve relationships with others


Sow new seeds of awareness to help you flourish and grow

Find space

Create more mental space so you can explore your creativity and passions

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Why We Struggle to Make Time for Solitude

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