Meet Mel 

Meditation teacher & health coach 

My passion is to teach you to meditate and to live a healthy and creative life. When your life is flowing, you feel fulfilled, inspired and energised. I have over 20 years experience working in health and bring all my years of learning and teaching into my events and classes.

The meditation for writers group is designed to help find your mojo and creative flow. I know how challenging 2020 has been to stay upbeat and motivated. My approach is holistic and hands on supporting you to flourish and be your creative best.

Health coaching is a holistic body, mind & spiritul tuning so you can live a positive and energised life connected to your purpose. I have decades of experience and these consultatios bring all my training together. Think of it like a pick and mix session. We find the best therapy to assist you back to your perfect health.

If you want to learn to meditate I will support you to develop your practice. You will receive your own personal mantra with four further support sessions to answer questions as they arise.

Your health and wellbeing is much more than being symptom free. Health is when you feel aligned to your purpose, creative, energised and whole. I cant wait to work with you and assist you in your healing transformation.

Namaste & joy Mel x

Mel Sutton
Meditation for writers

What to expect

Meditation for Writers weekly group

Wednesdays 17.00 – 17.50 pm GMT 

Join my weekly meditation for writers group, which offers meditation and creative tools to boost your imagination and creativity, think outside the box and grow your confidence in your writing.

This is a wonderful way to find flow and let go of any stress, aniety and writers block you are experiencing. Find your writing wings and fly! For more info

“Pure consciousness exists in the gap between thoughts. Here is the foundation of all creativity”

What I offer

Let me help you feel better


Stretchy and slow Hatha and dynamic Iyengar Yoga, suitable for all levels. Join me online on Friday 3pm and Tuesday 7.15 pm to improve strength, flexibility and wellbeing.

Health coaching

One-to-one holistic coaching to boost health & wellbeing. Homeopathy, nutrition, flower essences, meditation & nutrition bring balance. Examine your thinking as we heal and transform.


Blissful weekly meditation sessions and writers groups. Experience mantra, visualisation and body awareness. Learn to meditate and receive your unique mantra.

Mudlark Mandala making


Weekly Yoga classes

Every Tuesday 7.15pm  and Friday 3pm

Join my classes and release tension with stretching and relaxation, develop stamina and strength and deepen your connection to  breath and body awareness. 


Why meditate?


Release physical stress and tension and learn how to relax more


Connect to yourself and improve relationships with others


Sow new seeds of awareness to help you flourish and grow

Find space

Create more mental space so you can explore your creativity and passions

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