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With more than 25 years in health, I can make you look and feel better on the inside and out. Scroll down to find out more about how health coaching will transform your life and book a consultation…

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Personal health coaching consultation where we look at all aspects of your health. What is holding you back from living a fulfilled and happy life? When your mind is free of excessive thought and organised you begin to think the way you feel. Your emotions become calm and organised and your energy follows. A healthy body gives us great pleasure –  peace, joy and compassion. Commit to what you care about and commit to creating it. A free 15 minute chat is available so we can see if we are a good match! Usually 2 sessions is all it takes to change patterns and change your life

All sessions are via Zoom

75 minutes for £95

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What People Are Saying

I got COVID back in March 2020 and although it wasn’t severe it floored me, I was pretty low and then went hell for leather until August when I retreated into a deep depression.
My colleague introduced me to Mel in November. Although I’ve meditated for years I’ve never been formerly taught and Mel suggested we try and few sessions over Zoom. By the time we met in the second session I was calmer but still pretty low. As well as meditation she suggested a homeopathic remedy. After the five days of taking the remedy I felt happier. Just like that back to my old self, but better than that,  in love with life again.  The effect was profound.


Justine S

Director, Byte The Book

I was diagnosed with a Frozen Shoulder and the consultant recommended yoga and specific movements to compliment the physio. As a result of seeing Mel my shoulder was able to heal in 12 months rather than the average 18 months. Thank you so much for all the help Mel!


George Salter

Banker, Bank of America

As this has been in the time of Covid I’ve never met Mel but she understood me and helped me immensely. We connected and she lifted me. I shall always be grateful to her. If you need some support, if your life feels bleak or perhaps you think that learning to meditate would help you (it will) then I implore you to get in touch with her. She’s a very special and gifted soul!




Health Coaching with Mel 

A whole mind spirit and body approach 

Do you want to feel healthy, energetic and balanced again without the need for pharma pills and medications? 

After many years training in health and running busy practices, I bring a huge range of skills to transform your health.

I see life as a soul journey, unique and sacred. When we are in our flow life flows, and appears effortless.

I use the healing qualities of plants, herbs, flower essences and all of natures abundance to gently heal and shift your awareness. I use affirmations and vision boards, yoga exercises and meditation.

No one is the same. Lets honour your light and your soul intelligence to guide you to your perfect health

Namaste & light Mel x

health coaching with Mel Sutton

Health coaching benefits

Enjoy greater energy

As you become healthier you will have greater energy to enjoy all the things you love to do in your life. I will help you to release stress and anxiety, sleep better and feel inspired and creative so that you can earn more, live longer, and truly enjoy your life

Release negative thoughts

Your health comes from a calm mind, a positive outlook and a connection to who you are on a soul level. Changing your thinking will help you to be free from your past and able to live in the present.

Find your joy and passion

As you heal you will experience contentment, joy and love for life. 


Try a yoga class…

I offer two hatha yoga flow classes each week via Zoom. A class will can help release tension, improve flexibility and stamina while calming the mind with breath and awareness,