Yoga with Mel

Yoga & meditation classes

When you come to my Yoga classes the atmosphere is relaxed, mixed ability and fun. I teach drop in classes in Greenwich London and small groups in peoples homes. I have been teaching for over 10 years.

I trained to teach Yoga in London in 2010 and completed a 200 hour training in Purna Yoga

My classes combine Iyengar and Hatha Yoga style

Classes are open to all ages and ability

Whilst the emphasis is on alignment, strength and flexibility, developing a safe and rewarding practice is paramount

Yoga philosophy of Patanjali is respected during class and gently introduced into the teaching

A bit about Yoga

Yoga means wheel and in essence it symbolises all the different spokes of life. This includes meditation, yoga philosophy, teachings on how to live a healthy conscious life &  Pranayama breathing practices.

The Yoga Sutras contain writings on how to live and experience a full and complete life.

So yoga is body, mind, spirit and soul – A complete & whole experience

A good yoga class will weave all of this into the teaching and you will leave feeling replenished, nurtured and connected to the world around you. Read more