Words not flowing, suffering from writer’s block? Meditation can help unlock your calm and creativity. I explain why I have created a Meditation for Writers Course and Weekly Meditation for Writers Group just for writers…

Writing can be a lonely business – and writing can be hard. Starting the day with your pen poised requires discipline and stamina. Finding ways to access creativity can be difficult and test your patience. Creativity is like a river and when it flows it meanders and takes us to unexpected places in our imagination.

But sometimes we can feel stuck and the ideas don’t come.

When I created the Meditation for Writers course, I too was exploring ways to be in the flow. I wanted to access my higher intuition and find my unique voice. Good writing is a skill and developing this into a habit can take time and practice. Meditation can help you develop consistency and discipline.

People who have done my previous Meditation for Writers courses have told me that it made them think differently and helped them to access their intuition. An important skill for writers.

“Mel’s Meditation for Writers Course unlocked all kinds of new writing…through meditative practice, I write more authentically and with more confidence.”

Electra Rhodes – writer

So how does it work?

We have a chattering mind, with 60,000-plus thoughts a day, Many of which are repetitive or not real. Meditation can help us learn to see thoughts as outside of who we are and we lose the attachment to them. We are the thinker, but not the thought itself.

When we meditate we train ourselves to become still. We listen in silence and connect to who we are. Like all new things it can take time to feel comfortable in stillness. This is where discipline and patience is developed.

Going beyond thinking can open up doors of opportunity and frees the mind to be creative and flowing. Finding new ways to express yourself becomes simpler as you let go of restrictions that narrow your sense of who you are.

During the six-week interactive course, I will combine ancient meditation techniques with the opportunity to put them into practice with your writing. You will increase your creativity, learn to think outside the box and deepen your insight and confidence with your writing. There will be an opportunity to expand your writing skills and to share your experiences – allowing for personal growth.

“By allowing my mind to get rid of clutter, I’ve been more able to concentrate. Mel’s Meditation for Writers Course helped me let go of fear and write from the heart.”

Jane Lomas – Writer

The benefits of meditation for writers

Here are a few of the benefits of a regular meditation practice for writers:

  1. Stress reduction – 15-minutes a day will help calm the mind, reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol and lead to a sense of wellbeing. This allows your creativity to flow.
  2. Finding your mojo – meditation can give you greater energy and sense of purpose. Great if you are in a writing rut!
  3. Deepen your awareness – you will learn to open yourself up to intuition and awareness, and connect to who you are. You never know what stories that might reveal.
  4. Change our experiences to be creative and light – we feel open to new ideas and can create space for new seeds to be planted. You enter a room that once looked dark but now you notice the room is filed with treasures.
  5. Find purpose – meditation can help you find you true path. This journey can be a rewarding and creative experience.
  6. Patience – you will learn the ability to give yourself time and be kind to yourself.
  7. Accept where you are now – self-criticism and self-sabotage can cause blockages to the creative process. Rather than resist your natural flow, meditation can help you be open to your experiences without judgement or doubt.

Like to join me? The Meditation for Writers Course start on October 29, 2020, and runs until December 3. Every Thursday 10am-10.50am. Book your place on the Meditation for Writers Course here. Or, why not try my Meditation for Writers Weekly Group? This runs on Wednesdays, from October 28th, 10am-10.50am. Book your place on the Wednesday Meditation for Writers Group here.