My greatest passion is teaching you to meditate

Learn how to feel calm, creative and at peace with your life

You will receive

We learn how to meditate through practice and doing. Meditation is transformation – and it is my joy and honour to teach you and be your guide. 

You will quickly observe that your life becomes easier as you find your rhythm and flow. The possibilities are infinite. Let your dreams expand as your heart fills with all your desires. With meditation everything is possible and your transformation is guaranteed. 

Your Learn to Meditate package will include:

  • Your ‘introduction to meditation’ session on Zoom lasting 75 minutes
  • A written guide on what to expect from your meditation practice.
  • Your personal mantra, which is your connection to who you are at your deepest being. I trained with lasting 30 minutes
  • Four live Zoom sessions to help you stay on track. These are your time to ask questions as they arise from an experienced  teacher 
  • Access to all my meditation groups, challenges and live events
  • Discounts to retreats and workshops as they arise.

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The benefits

Reduces stress

Meditation instills a deep sense of calm, you will be happier, relaxed and able to face challenges with a deeper awareness, calmness and confidence. As you release all the layers of stress that has built up over time you will experience wellbeing, contentment and compassion towards yourself, friends, family and colleagues which will over time extend out to the planet. Plus, you will look great as tension is peeled away!

Live a fulfilled life

As you learn how to enter into stillness you have more time to follow your passions. With less time taken up on over thinking and incesssant mind chatter you can focus on the things that are meaningful and important to you. Greater productivity, clarity and insight will help you know what is right for you. You listen more to your heart, your place of inner wisdom and you are guided to make your best decisions from a deep sense of knowledge. Consequently your life will blossom and you will attract what you desire.

Be creative

Meditation helps you connect to your unique voice. Each time you meditate you enter into a space that exists between thoughts. This contains unlimited potential and connects you to the underlying creative intelligence that is behind all of creation.  If you want to find your creative flow, stimulate emotional intelligence and improve concentration, focus and decision-making skills a meditation practice will deliver. You wil realise you are not your thoughts but the thinker of the thought.

This opens a door to transformation, self awareness and an  abundant, creative life.


Meditation groups and events

Find your inner calm

Join me at one of my meditation groups via Zoom. Or join a meditation for writers course held throughout the year. Keep an eye out for other courses and events where I work with organisations such as businesses and festivals to help more people access the life-changing skills of meditation.