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Meditation With Trees 

Meditation with trees for the Urban Tree Festival 21

Nine days of daily visualisations inviting you to experience the essence and wisdom of trees followed by a short meditation. Weaving folklore medicinal knowledge and spiritual awakening these 10 minute meditations focussed on specific trees known for their healing and spiritual awakening.

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Stillness and creative expression

Meditation and journaling 

Setting goals for 2021

Im delighted to be collaborating again with Team London Bridge & Love Lunch. Unleash your creativity with visualisation and journaling as we set our intentions into 2021 and beyond. This is an event designed to get you into your creative swing! Bring a notepad, pencils and any cuttings or snips of images as we meditate, get creative and manifest our dreams. Booking is direct with Team London Bridge.


Unleash your creativity through Meditation

I’m delighted to be collabotating with Byte the Book for this event.

Looking at your writing practice this workshop will start with a short meditation to help you to get into your creative flow. Get your sketchbooks out to doodle as we allow our mind to still and be free. A writing prompt will unlesh your creativity as we deeepen our writing with flow and effortless ease.

Booking for this event is through Byte the Book

We are offering Byte the Book members a 15% discount on the meditation for writers weekly group. Get in touch directly with Mel see info to take up this offer.

This weekly get together is an opportunity to explore your writing, creativity and meditation. 


Meditation writing and creativity

Byte the book event 

Meditation for writers

Meditation, breath and creativity 

Access your creative flow A collaboration with The Writing Tribe 

Hello Writing Tribe – How to turn the challenging Covid climate into an opportunity to shift your awareness back into confidence. Combining meditation and breathwork you will experience how to click out of lockdown malaise and regain your creative sparkle  There will be plenty of opportunity to express how you are feeling in this fun and interactive event. This event is a taster of the Meditation for Writers Wednesday weekly group @ 5pm. You need to join the writing tribe to join us. Both are free to sign up to. Namaste 





Mudlark Mandala 


September 2020 Creativity and Mindfulness

I worked with the Totally Thames Festival and Team London Bridge to bring an onine masterclass in mandala making, using found objects from the Thames shoreline.

SoundWalk September

September 2020

I worked with Walk Listen Create and The Museum of Walking to create a five-day live meditation challenge, culminating in a walking meditation practice.

Mudlark Mandala making

Walking meditation

SoundWalk September

walking meditation September 2021

 This month join me outdoors at a very special SoundWalk September walking meditation…

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