Meditation for Writers

“This course unlocked all kinds of new writing. I feel a strong sense that if I ground myself first through a meditative practice, I write more authentically and with more confidence’

– Electra Rhodes, writer

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How it works

Meditation for Writers group

Wednesdays 5 – 5.50 pm GMT Zoom  If you are struggling with anxiety or writers block this group will be a panacea. This weekly meditation for writers group is designed to help you write with confidence, and flow. You will be inspired in your writing and find your creative edge. You will experience the space that exists between your thoughts which is creativity and abundance. Meditation is the best way to deepening your connection to yourself and open the door to your creativity.

Drop in or go for an annual subscription, which will enable you to enjoy at least 30 experiences a year. 

Wednesday 5 – 5.50pm GMT

Meditation for Writers Group

why meditate?

Looking for creative inspiration? My Meditation for Writers Course can…

Support your writing

Writing can be solitarty and we can lose our mojo. This group supports you in your writing with creative and inspiring meditation methods that get you out of a writing block. Each week, we try a different meditation practice that encourages creativity, connects you to your unique voice and through stillness helps your writing to flow with ease .

Connect to your creativity

Meditation is a wonderful way to slow down reduce stress and create space from the incessant chatter and busyness. We become calmer and more able to access our potential.

Improve your confidence

As we move away from attaching to our thoughts, we deepen self-awareness which leads to confidence in our unique style of writing. We access the creativity that lies between each thought as we expereince the potential that flows through stillness


What writers say about my meditations

“I felt we were very sensitively handled and led.

Mel has a lovely calming voice and manner”

–David B, writer and artist 

“By allowing my mind to ‘de-focus’ and get rid of the clutter, I’m more able to concentrate on editing/writing.

It’s helped with my confidence to fully explore emotions within my writing.

It’s helped me to let go of fear and write from my heart.”

– Jane L

“Each session had a beautiful thought/lesson to take away.

I like the simplicity (clarity might be a better word) of the way Mel presented her suggestions.

The course enhanced that wonderful sense of the mystery at the heart of everything and made me less afraid of exploring it. This has given me greater freedom and courage in my writing.”

– Sue R

“Engaging, illuminating and enjoyable.

A strong sense that if I ground myself first through a meditative practice I write more authentically and with more confidence.”

– Electra R

“I liked that it was small group, non-judgemental and safe.

It made me think about putting more of my senses and inner experiences into my writing.”

– Jane A

“Mel’s meditation practice is very welcoming, especially if you are a beginner, like me!

I even managed to complete her 15-day challenge during lockdown, which I very much enjoyed. It was a different experience that gave me confidence.

She is very knowledgeable in wellness too!”

– Sofia, Team London Bridge


“I love Mel’s online weekly meditations, so relaxing and restorative.

Mel’s voice is incredibly soothing, and each session is very welcoming and set at a perfect level for all, linking in with the seasons. Thanks for holding this wonderful healing space.”

– Hannah S 

“Mel’s COVID-19 zoom meditation classes turned me on to the relaxing power of meditation.

I had procrastinated for ages but the zoom session was a lovely way to while away 15 minutes and reduce pandemic stress.”

– Jacky, Toronto, 15-day meditation challenge

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