Spring edition

Join us 15th – 23rd May for a daily meditation in collaboration with the Urban Tree Festival www.urbantreefestival.org

Calming your mind

Being in nature connects us to the natural world. Trees fill us with awe and gift us with their beauty as they transition effortlessly from one season to the next. They are also a great leveller and help to calm a chattering mind. Being amongst trees evokes a sense of their wisdom and strength which has a soothing effect on your nervous system. Sitting beneath a tree will ground you and allay your fears and doubts.

How to use trees in meditation

One way to meditate and slow down is to be in silence amongst trees. You will experience a connection to your creativity and this will inspire and refresh your mind. If you are unable to go outside, looking at trees from your window is equally effective. You can also use pictures of trees. Using your imagination, visualisation and silence are ways to receive the benefits and healing that trees give us. As you commune with their stillness you access your deeper contemplative essence. A problem can be reduced and you may see a situation with new insight. Trees can have this effect. They ground us and connect us with our intuition which can get lost in the busy lives we lead. Time spent in nature calms your nervous system so you feel rejuvenated and revitalised.

Essences and health

Trees have been used in healing for almost as long as man has existed. There are ancient Egyptian records showing the essence, sap and oils of trees and flowers being administered as medicines, poultices and cleansing aids; the antimicrobial contents being recognised as a way to stop infection and disease. Rain water collected from plants was first written about in Egyptian accounts, with these essences from flowers, bark and petals being used for emotional health and physical wellbeing. But there is more….

A link to our past

Trees hold a wisdom and link to our history. They hold a memory to our ancestors that help us to understand the world through legends and stories. Think about how changed you feel after a walk in woods or in your local community. You may feel the weight of the world on your shoulders but time spent in nature lifts this burden. Our chattering mind had less dominance and we feel a release and lightness of being. We have become so full of thoughts, distractions and the busyness of our lives we have forgotten that we are surrounded by so many nature cures. As you still your mind you open yourself up to receiving this wisdom and healing and become calm and re-energised.

For the Urban Tree Festival we have chosen 9 trees

  • Elm Day 1   
  • Oak Day 2 
  • Beech Day 3
  • Holly Day 4 
  • Willow Day 5
  • Hornbeam Day 6 
  • Pine  Day 7 
  • Birch Day 8 
  • Cherry  Day 9

Each day you will be guided on a healing visualisation. You will hear ‘their’ story, and learn ‘their’ essence and healing qualities. You will experience this through visualisation, meditation and mantra. Each tree chosen has been used for centuries to heal and nourish humanity

Holly in flower
Try this simple visualisation

Try this practice to develop your self awareness

Do you have a favourite tree that you are drawn to? Ask yourself “what draws me to this tree”? Sit quietly and contemplate the question…. Just be

As you become still you connect with your intuition, and your mind stops dominating you. Notice your thoughts, feelings and ideas emerging. If you have a question that you are seeking an answer to now is a good time to mull it over and be open to what pops into your mind. As you slow down you activate your para sympathetic nervous system. As your breath slows so does your mind. 

As the internal chatter reduces your true nature reveals itself. Keep your focus on your breath and  return to your breath each time your mind wanders

By doing this for up to 5  minutes a day you will notice changes in your stress levels. You will experience a sense of wellbeing that will enhance your productivity giving you more time to enjoy life.


As you practice stilling your mind you develop awareness into your true nature and no longer believe you are your thoughts. There is a space that exists between every thought and with practice you will experience this which opens up your consciousness and allow your creativity to flow. You will find many answers to your questions and learn through this process to trust your intuition and listen to your inner wise voice

For more information on learning to meditate or health coaching contact: https://naturalhealthwithmel.co.uk/get-in-touch/ 

The 9 day Meditation on Trees runs throughout the festival from the 15th-23rd May 

Free Event
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I look forward to sharing these daily meditation with you