Meditation with Mel

Commissions and events to help you find inner peace. Weekly meditation classes, advent and tree meditation challenges and meditation events throughout the year.   Learn to Meditate 1-1,  receive your personal mantra or choose simple breathing ways to calm and still your active mind. 

Weekly classes

Meditation Groups 

FREE Meditation Group

Join my friendly, weekly meditation group via Zoom. Share a 45-minute meditation where we include mantra, meditation with trees, chakra meditation, visualisation and body awareness. Get in touch and a Zoom link will be sent to you a few hours before the meditation with all the info you need to join.


Thursdays 7pm-7.45pm


Meditation for Writers 6 week course

Specifically aimed at authors, creatives, poets and anyone who writes for a living or pleasure. This six week course helps your confidence grow and supports your writing. Every week we share different creative ways to help free your mind and then we dive into a meditation. These techniques help you go beyond the mind to release fears, blocks and anxiety you may be having with your writing.

The course combines meditation practices, visualisations and encourages your imagination so you can get the best results and access your creativity and style. More info 

Meditation for Writers course

Why meditate

Learn to live in the present moment

Meditation leads to a calm and peaceful state. My passion is to teach you to meditate so you experience the amazing transformation meditation brings. Most of us begin meditation to release stress and tension, to create more ‘mental space’ for focus and gain headspace for the things we love to do. As you practice meditation you will deepen your understanding of who you are, this helps your relationship with yourself, others and the planet. New seeds of awareness are planted and with practice like watering and nourishing a plant you will begin to flourish. When we meditate regularly we change as we stop attaching to our thoughts. This brings us great freedom.

I trained at Chopra Global in California.

Contact me if you would like to know more about how I can help you. I currently offer a free 15 minute chat so we can see if we are the right fit! 

Previous Meditation Challenges

December Meditation Challenge


From December 12, 2020


Find peace at the busiest time of year with my Advent Meditation Challenge. Each meditation will run for 12 minutes across 12 days to bring you calm among the Christmas chaos!


Find out more

Have a go

Meditations to try…

Tree meditations

Experience seven-days of meditations themed around trees and nature – orginally created for the Urban Tree Festival.

Self enquiry meditation

An extract of a meditation around transition: to learn more about ourselves, what we want and what we are here to do. 18-minutes long.

Meditation Events

From mudlarks to mindful walking…

I run many one-off meditation events, challenges and courses for groups, organisations and businesses. My Mindfulness in Nature Walkshops have been commissioned by galleries and festivals and by companies for team building.