Mindfulness walking

The health benefits of walking and being in nature are long researched. Think how much better you feel after being in the park or walking along a road lined with trees. Combining all of this with mindfulness is healing and enriching

Our lives are speeding up, and for many this is overwhelming. Stress is the number one use of most major illness. Combining walking and mindfulness is a perfect way to experience calm, and practiced regularly will bring many health benefits. Taking time to be quiet connects us to our soul which has a powerful influence over our wellbeing and sense of purpose

There are many ways to develop an inner calm and we explore these on a Mindfulness event

For most of us walking is as natural as the breath we take and there is a deep connection to the earth, the rhythm of our step and the breath we take

We are not our thoughts and we can change how we experience our thinking. This opens up huge potential and space for creativity and wonderful transformation

On a mindfulness walk we calm the mind using the breath and allow the rhythm of our step to bring us effortlessly into a place of being present 

Our time together is enriching & healing for you. It is a time for you to connect with your true self away from any distractions. It is a time of discovery and a time to enhance your sense of who you truly are, and what you want in your life. It is a time for connecting to creativity and intuition

I’m sure many of you reading this will have been on a walk and had an aha moment. Walking enhances creativity which has been realised for centuries by writers and creatives. It is a way to experience and see from a  different perspective

The inhalation and exhalation of breath and the pace of our step are like an ebb and flow of the tide and  chime with our spiritual wellbeing. When we feel stuck walking is a great way to shift energy and when we feel lethargic is wakes us up . Put simply it makes us feel good

I have been developing ways to teach mindfulness outdoors and in nature for years. I believe its a great way to learn in a relaxed and informal environment. I know that when something is fun and you feel the experience you are more likely to use it

Mindfulness through Movement enhances creativity, and calms the mind. It connects us  in so many positive ways to the space around us and to yourself. As you realise you can change your thinking and change the way you see through adapting these techniques

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